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June 26, 2022

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We are in the business of providing excellent healthcare for our patients. That is why we have designed our facilities to be much more patient and staff-friendly than large hospitals. Surgeons have access to adjacent operating rooms in close proximity to intensive care and diagnostic units. Nurses and staff are professional and courteous. All of this means that our patients enjoy much more relaxed, healthful surroundings where more one-on-one attention is the rule, not the exception. Dynacq focuses on efficient, high-volume specialty surgical hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. Our facilities specialize in a small number of higher-margin specialties and procedures – orthopedics, neurosurgery and general surgery. Surgeons are able to reserve large blocks of time in adjoining operating rooms, so they can perform consecutive procedures without the usual disruptions occurring in general hospitals. Procedures are not bumped due to emergencies. And, there are no compromises in equipment or staff.

We believe that our facilities attract premier surgeons who wish to take more control over their practices. Because our facilities focus on a limited type of procedures, scheduling is much more efficient and predictable. This means that the surgeons’ time is optimally utilized, making their services available to more patients in less time.

We strive to attract top surgeons by giving them more authority to specify the quality equipment they want and need. We also give them more decision making power on nursing and support staff decisions as well as the ability to become partners in the business. This means our physician partners can generate income in two ways – through increased volume of procedures, as well as a share of the profits from our facilities. This means that they have a vested interest in the success of the facility.

In other words – our business model enables surgeons to gain more control over their work, their time and their income.






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